The turkey can wait, and so can the presents. We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Christmas morning is no different. In fact, given that you’re going to be up at the crack of dawn unwrapping presents under the tree, you’ve got no excuse not to go all out for the first meal of the day. Get inspired with Christmas breakfast ideas from SPAR.

From traditional Christmas breakfast recipes to those inspired from places around the world, which will you choose?

1. Gingerbread Pancakes

When it comes to Christmas breakfast ideas, tweaking the ones you know to give them that added festive flavour is sometimes the easiest way. Make way for gingerbread pancakes. Simply add with ginger and cinnamon to your mixture for a festive take, and top with fruit, maple syrup, cream, or all three! Fancy trying your hand at a different kind of pancake? Explore the world of pancakes for some inspiration…

2. Smoked Salmon with Blinis

The pinnacle of ease and sophistication, there’s nothing like feasting on smoked salmon to let you know it might just be Christmas morning. Notoriously much easier to find around Christmas time, if you can’t source your blinis – combine flour, egg, milk, butter and chives to get your mixture going. Fry your pancake/crumpet hybrid mixture in a pan until golden brown, and simply top with your salmon.

3. Eggs Benedict

Not one for those lacking in culinary confidence, that’s not to say Eggs Benedict is particularly difficult. It just helps if you know your way around some kitchen essentials. Once you’ve mastered your own hollandaise sauce and how to get your poached egg just the way you like it, it’s simply a matter of assembly. Top your English muffin with bacon, egg and your sauce for a Christmas breakfast that might even overshadow the dinner. Sprinkle with chives and you’re good-to-dine in sophistication come Christmas morning.

4. Eggnog Waffles

If there’s anything that makes Christmas breakfast recipes Christmassy, it’s Eggnog! A true Christmas ingredient, replace milk from a traditional waffle recipe with the festive staple for a completely new take on an indulgent breakfast. Top with cream and dust with cinnamon and you’ll struggle to find a breakfast much more festive.

5. French Toast With Bacon

They might be the blankets to your pigs for this afternoon’s dinner, but that doesn’t mean bacon can’t make an earlier appearance. Well, it is Christmas. Top your French toast with glazed bacon, chopped fruit and maple syrup for a sweet American breakfast you won’t forget in a hurry. Top with cream to take the indulgence one step further and truly stay full ‘til the turkey decides to show up.


Still not sure on what to eat on Christmas morning? Explore our recipes to get the festive and creative kitchen juices flowing and head down to your nearest convenience store to pick up everything you need.