Giving doesn’t always have to mean buying, and showing you love them shouldn’t have to cost the Earth. Save a penny and let the little ones get involved with our homemade Father’s Day gifts and ideas. From the heart, our DIY gifts for Dad are a thoughtful way to celebrate all things super this year. Be they a Dad, Uncle, Grandpa or Mum who does it all, celebrate a superhero this Father’s Day.

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Father’s Day crafts

Father’s Day crafts for kids are a perfect way to help them to express themselves creatively. We’ve got some Father’s Day craft ideas to suit all ages, so that everyone can get stuck in.

Father’s Day crafts for toddlers

Father’s Day crafts for toddlers might seem like an easy idea, but anyone with a toddler will tell you it can be far from it. We recommend you start any Father’s Day crafts for toddlers by prepping their ‘workspace’ to protect your home from any chance of toddler destruction.

Fingerprint tree

Let them get messy with this homemade Father’s Day gift. Start with green and brown paint. Get them to use their hands to paint a trunk for the tree in brown. Then cover their palm in green paint and press onto the paper to make the leaves. Once the paint has dried, let your toddler add flowers, names and drawings of the family in pens. For an added touch, frame their picture and add ribbon before presenting to Dad.

Hand on heart keepsake

Make salt dough by mixing salt and flour. Add hot water and knead until it looks and feels like playdough. Shape into hearts on baking paper. Then ask your little one to put their hand in the middle of the heart and press down lightly. If you want, they could even add a footprint, or both hands.

Pop a hole in the top of the heart so that you can hang it up once it’s finished. Let the heart dry overnight, and bake the sculpture in the oven, so it’s baked through. Once cooled, paint your creation. Maybe add your toddler’s name and the date. Let the paint dry and you’ve got the perfect homemade Father’s Day gift, straight from the heart.

Father’s Day Crafts for kids

If your children are a little older, they can get a little more adventurous with their gifts. These Father’s Day crafts for kids will quickly become a favourite feature in the house.

Super cookies

Start by baking sugar cookies with sugar, flour, eggs and butter. Cut the mixture into shields or other superhero themed shapes. Bake until golden brown and leave to cool. To start decorating, use an ‘edible ink’ pen to draw your design on the top of the cookie.

Fill in the superhero design with brightly coloured icing. Try deep blues, vivid reds and sunny yellows to really make the patterns pop. Leave to dry and serve to a hero.

Candle décor

Start with a clean, dry jar (an old jam jar works well!). Cut out and colour in shapes and patterns and stick to the inside of the jar. Paint over this, still on the inside of the jar, to cover the shapes. You should still see the shapes from the outside.

Once dry, pop a tea light or your favourite scented candle in the base, light and enjoy.

Father’s Day craft ideas

Some other great DIY gifts for Dad are:

  • Potato prints
  • Homemade bookmark
  • DIY card
  • Decorated photo-frame
  • Origami figures

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No matter who your superhero is, celebrate how amazing they are this Father’s Day.

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